New Years Eve

Please join us at Cafe Sparrow as we celebrate the dawning of another year!

Happy New Year’s Eve

December 31st, 2013

The Menu


coffee cured venison with truffled arugula and parmesan wafer $11.00

blue point oyster on the 1/2 shell with beet juice, horseradish and pickled onion $4.00 ea.

grilled spinach cake with lemon beurre blanc $7.00

seafood chorizo and saffron rice stuffed anaheim chile with sherry tomato sauce and saffron aioli $9.00

irish cheddar and house made bacon macaroni and cheese $8.00

duck pho baby bok choy, carrot & sprouts with rice noodles, savory broth and duck breast, finished with lime, cilantro, green onion, jalapeno, hoisin & sambal chile

pistachio crusted brie with cherry orange chutney $8.00

1/2 dungeness crab served chilled with chive butter and siracha aioli $20.00

first course $12.00

dungeness crab gazpacho

corralitos ham shank soup with black eyed pea & wild rice

red and gold beet salad over fresh baby spinach with pistachios, goat cheese & cider vinaigrette

rocket baby arugula salad with house made bacon, shaved maui onion, black pepper olive oil, fresh meyer lemon & parmesan

ortiz caesar salad with ortiz anchovies, fresh lemon, garlic &  parmesan

sesame noodle salad with sunamono & marinated tofu


peppered prime filet mignon with sauce diane, roasted brussel sprouts and garlic mashed potatoes $38.00

blueberry braised pork shank with our award winning blue ball BBQ sauce, soft polenta & roasted brussel sprouts $30.00

corralitos smoked chicken gnocchi with creamed english peas, soft boiled egg & parmesan oil $28.00 or vegetarian $25.00

dungeness crab cioppino with salmon, snapper, prawns, scallops, clams & garlic bread $33.00

northern halibut in papillote with brussel sprouts, pine nuts, cranberries, garlic, olive oil & sherry vinegar $33.00

buffalo duck leg with shaved celery slaw and blue cheese puffs $33.00

cowboy ribeye for 2 piedmontese ribeye with ghost pepper and point reyes blue cheese compound butter, fried green beans and garlic mashed potatoes $95.00

desserts $9.00

raspberry clafoutis

chocolate eclair

mini pots de creme & mini creme brulee combo

tiramisu cheesecake

blood orange sorbet

mexican chocolate bread pudding with horchata cream sauce

salted caramel & chocolate panna cotta

pistachio macaron

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