Valentine’s Dinner 2016

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Café Sparrow


February 14, 2016


Chicken Liver Pate with house made pickles, mustard, pear butter and croutons                                     $12

Seared Foie Gras with strawberry balsamic demiglace                                                                                    $18

Prawns picatta                                                                                                                                                                  $13

Housemade gnocchi with brown butter and sage                                                                                              $13

Corralitos ham and sharp cheddar puffs                                                                                                                $13

Cheese & Pickle Plate                                                                                                                                                         $14

Seared diver scallops on polenta with vanilla orange balsamic reduction                                                 $14


Salads                                                   $12

Roasted Corn and Crab Bisque

Sparrow Salad

Caesar salad

Mediterranean salad

Bleu salad

Asian spinach salad

Baby Arugula Salad



Lemon aioli broiled cold water lobster tail (1 or 2 tails)                                                                              $34 / $45

Filet mignon with béarnaise butter and a lemon aioli broiled lobster tail                                                 $46

peppered filet mignon with sauce diane                                                                                                                   $38

pair of grilled quail with red wine bacon demiglace                                                                                           $36

Blackened lamb lollipops with raspberry balsamic reduction                                                                         $36

porcini rubbed venison with marsala mushroom demiglace                                                                          $34

roasted tomato risotto with goat cheese, garlic, spinach, herbs and extra virgin olive oil                 $30

crab crusted Chinook salmon on fresh spinach with lime vermouth beurre blanc                                 $36

Creole baked oysters                                                                                                                                                     $34

Blueberry BBQ braised boneless shortrib                                                                                                              $33

Crispy breast of duck with raspberry port demiglace and crispy duck crackling                                     $34



Starches               $8

Wild rice risotto cake

Irish cheddar & garlic mac and cheese

Olive oil and garlic roasted fingerling potatoes

Pinenut and cranberry quinoa


Vegetables         $7

Pan grilled baby bok choy with soy mushrooms

Maple cinnamon celery root

Spinach cake

Butternut squash puree

Ginger and garlic snap peas


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