Lunch – In House Dining Or Pick-Up

Sesame Seared Ahi Tuna with chili soy dipping sauce & wasabi — 13.00

Roasted Garlic oven roasted cloves of fresh garlic served with dried fruit marmalade & croutons — 14.50

Seared Day Boat Scallops on Polenta vanilla orange balsamic reduction — 16.00

Fromage Baguette fresh baguette rubbed with garlic & topped with cheddar, gruyere and brie, broiled golden — 16.00

Crabcakes grilled crabcakes served with, tartar & red bell pesto sauces — 18.00


Aptos Reuben corned beef, sauerkraut, gruyere & whole grain mustard on grilled rye bread — 18.50   |   1/2 reuben 16.50

Chicken Palermo breast of chicken marinated in olive oil, garlic & parsley, grilled with an herbed crust & served on a francese bun with roasted red bell pepper pesto & mayo, garnished with lettuce amp; tomato — 18.50

Albacore Cheese Puff sliced sourdough bread with grilled apples, dijon mustard, albacore tuna & cheddar cheese broiled golden — 18.50   |   1/2 puff 16.50

Sparrow Club grilled chicken breast, bacon, lettuce & tomato on foccacia bread — 18.50    |   with avocado 19.50

Blackened Ahi Tuna Sandwich blackened ahi tuna, seared rare & topped with asian cole slaw, red onion, spinach & wasabi mayo on foccacia bread — 21.00

Veggie Sandwich sautéed mushrooms, artichoke hearts, red bells, green onions & garlic, topped with gruyere, on foccacia … or as an omelet — 17.50

Curried Chicken Croissant fresh chicken, raisins, apples & peanuts in curried chutney creme, served on a croissant — 18.00

Shrimp Croissant tender shrimp in lemon, fresh dill & crème fraiche, served on a buttery croissant — 19.00

1/2 Chicken Salad Sandwich Combo fresh chicken salad with apples, walnuts, crème fraiche & mayo on whole grain bread, served with a cup of soup & sparrow salad — 18.50

Sparrow Burger grilled ground chuck, served on francese with fresh lettuce and tomato — 17.50   |   with cheddar or gruyere cheese 19.00


Yvette grilled chicken breast, pears, toasted walnuts & crumbled blue cheese on a bed of fresh spinach with warm vinaigrette — 19.00    |   Petite 17.00

Caesar classic caesar dressing, croutons, tender romaine & freshly grated parmesan cheese — 16.75    |   Petite 15.00

Sesame Shrimp spinach, oranges, red and green onions, avocado & shrimp with sweet sesame dressing — 19.00

Crabcake Salad grilled crabcakes with tartar & red bell pesto on a bed of fresh spinach with vegetables marinated in citron dressing — 19.50

Ahi Salad seared rare ahi tuna over spinach salad with orange segments, red cabbage, carrots, red bell peppers, onions & toasted sesame seeds, tossed with wasabi-citrus soy vinaigrette — 22.00

Sophie’s Polenta Salad grilled polenta with roasted tomatoes over baby greens, with goat cheese & vinaigrette dressing — 17.50

Mediterranean Chicken Salad grilled marinated herbed chicken breast on romaine lettuce with avocado, red & green onions & crumbled feta cheese in kalamata olive & concasse tomato vinaigrette — 18.50

Claudette’s Tofu Salad grilled tofu , mushrooms, onions & garlic over baby greens with sesame-wasabi soy vinaigrette, topped with toasted almonds — 18.00

Bleu Salad salad of hearts of romaine, roquefort dressing, roasted garlic & oven roasted tomatoes — 14.00   |   with chicken 22.00

Sparrow Salad butter lettuce & spring mix, crumbled blue cheese, candied pecans, crouton & dried cranberries tossed in balsamic vinaigrette— 16.75    |   Petite 12.00